Basic Module

Affordability & Flexibility


PharmaClik POS starts with the "Basic" module that includes Accounts Receivable and Purchasing & Receiving to help manage most aspects of your front shop. Through a modular approach, PharmaClik POS adapts to your retail environment rather than forcing you to adapt to it. Furthermore, as your needs and expertise grow, the system grows with you. Since you only purchase what your store requires, PharmaClik POS remains a cost-effective solution for even the smallest of stores.  We also provide two days of on-site or classroom training and two support days when the equipment is installed with our certified training specialist so that you and your staff are comfortable using POS.  Combined with low monthly support fees and our flexible payment plans, the result is a truly affordable solution.



Here is the full suite of powerful PharmaClik POS modules available to build and expand your system's features and tailor it to your store's needs:


Accounts Receivable*

Set up charge accounts for your valued customers to enable them to charge or make payments at the till.


Purchasing & Receiving*

Create and receive purchase orders to update inventory, costs and prices or calculate an order based on minimum and maximum re-order levels.


Signs and Labels

Create price labels, bin signs and shelf talkers.


Customer Loyalty

Allows you to reward your valued customers for their patronage.


Replenishment Purchasing

Replaces inventory that has sold at the till based on a date range.


Scientific Purchasing

Forecasts inventory requirements based on historical movement.


Advanced Inventory*

Provides inventory valuation using the first-in-first-out (FIFO) method as well as a variety of other sophisticated stock control features.


Integrated Credit Debit

Request and receive credit or debit payment authorization directly from the POS till.


Portable Data Collection

Update and verify POS data remotely using a radio frequency (RF) data collection device.


Head Office

Manage a chain of stores from your head office, including pricing, costing, purchases and stock re-allocation.


*Included with the Basic package.