Customer Loyalty


The Loyalty Member earns points for each dollar purchased. In turn, these points can be applied to future purchases at a redemption rate defined by the retailer.



The retailer has the ability to exclude specific categories, such as prescriptions, diapers, etc.

Points earned are applied to future purchases and will encourage repeat business.

Provides options to specify exceptions based on finelines, method of payments, promo items and minimum purchase amount.

Provides the ability to reward customers on the full value of prescriptions (where allowed).

Specific items as well as promo items can be given bonus points.

Reporting tools allow you to track redeemed and outstanding gift certificates, customer point levels, top purchasing customers and customer buying behaviour for target market purposes.

Points can be instantly redeemed at the till or gift certificates can be issued.

Loyalty points are deducted when items are returned or transactions voided.

Customer rewards can be tied to the level of loyalty based on overall purchases.

Sign-up bonus can be offered to attract customers to the Loyalty Program and family members may pool points earned.