Pharmacy Telephone Management and Automated Refill Solution

The Dial-Rx system answers incoming pharmacy telephone calls and allows customers to input prescription refill requests using the touch-tone keypad on their telephone. The Refill Solution serves as the central management point for pharmacy communications. By maximizing the telephone equipment, fax, Internet and pharmacy software system, Dial-Rx will help the pharmacy staff achieve the most effective communications possible between your store, your patients and their doctors.


Dial-Rx allows customers to fill their own prescriptions rapidly and easily over the phone, or by speaking directly with you, the pharmacist. You benefit from time saved, while your customers benefit from added convenience. With more time to focus on your patients, they can receive the personal attention that they deserve. Your clients will thank you for choosing Dial-Rx.


Benefits of Dial-Rx


  • Fewer interruptions

    • typically processes 40-60 per cent of all refill requests

    • PharmaClik Rx can be set up to automatically process all inbound refills

  • Added convenience

    • provides patients with 24-hour, 7-days-a-week access to your pharmacy

  • Dedicated service

    • nationwide network of service; before, during and after sale

  • Outbound IVR

    • automatically calls the customer when their prescription is ready for pick up or due for refill

    • combine outbound IVR with our Autofill feature, and you can automatically refill prescriptions for participating patients