Claim Revenue Optimization

Everyday your pharmacy is throwing money away. Your money.


As an independent pharmacy owner every dollar counts. Are you sure your pharmacy is maximizing the return on every prescription fill? On a daily basis, quantity errors, third party underbilling, and improper pricing all contribute to lower gross margin dollars.

Claim Revenue Optimization (CRO) was developed specifically to help you keep those dollars where they belong – in your pocket!

Pharmacies currently using CRO have seen an average increase in revenue of $0.17 per claim. For an average pharmacy filling 1,000 prescriptions each week, that translates into a value of over $8,800 per year.

There is no financial risk for you to participate: Our pricing guarantees that you will always get at least 25% return on investment. Many stores realize even greater returns! Let us show you what this program can mean to your bottom line.


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