The Propel Rx upgrade is well underway with more and more pharmacies being successfully upgraded each day. Because that is exactly what Propel Rx is, an upgrade. Yes, it's been packaged up in a shiny new look and feel but at it's core, it's an upgrade.


You're a PharmaClik Rx expert which makes learning Propel Rx that much easier.

Learning Propel Rx has been simplified. A series of eLearning modules has been developed to give pharmacies the tools they need to be successful in navigating Propel Rx before the upgrade.


“The learning modules were great and helpful. They gave us a good idea on what to expect of Propel Rx.”

Ash Boulus, Pharmacist & Owner, Greater Niagara Pharmacy



Key functions

Propel Rx Required Courses Part 1 and Part 2 are mandatory courses that walk the learner through the key functions of Propel Rx so that everyday tasks can be performed.


Electives based on pharmacy needs

Elective Part 3 and Inventory Part 4 are elective. What this means is there are some courses that may apply to your pharmacy that you'll need to take and others that you won't. For example: if you create Mixtures or use Compliance Packaging, you'll take those courses.


Where to start

Complete Parts 1 and 2 and then select Parts 3 and 4 to view which courses your team need to take.

By ensuring that you and your team complete the Propel Rx learning prior to your Go Live day, not only are you setting your store up for success, you'll also continue to serve your customers with confidence and ease.



Steph is a Senior Instructional Designer at Pharmacy Technology Solutions (PTS). For the past 10 years, she has been focused on developing learning for PTS software solutions. She's excited about the Retail Learning Academy that will be utlized to deliver learning in an easy and efficient way.