Pharmacy Management Software

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Welcome to a new era in dispensary technology — in which your dispensary software works for you.


Our dispensary software can manage your tasks and activities to free up more time in a day, allowing you to focus on patient care:

By automatically billing your professional service transactions

Automatically processing incoming refill requests

Contacting patients when prescriptions are due to be refilled

Counting out and packaging medications

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Patient Care


PharmaClik Rx represents an evolutionary leap from the old-fashioned "fill-and-bill" type applications to a true patient-centered environment.  Medication reviews, flu injections, blood pressure and lab results tracking, compliance packaging, pharmaceutical opinion and adaptation are just a few of the multiple patient care features at your disposal.  Improve patient adherence through the use of AutoFill or refill reminders via phone or web.


Maintain comprehensive patient records using document scanning features throughout PharmaClik Rx.  In some cases, scanned documents can be used for communicating with other professionals in the patient's circle of care.


Patient care features that allow for reimbursement are tied to automated billing, ensuring that no fee-for-service dollars are left on the table.

Ease of Use


With touch screen technology and a unique Workbench concept, PharmaClik Rx simplifies the prescription management process.


Phone calls, OTC counselling, staff questions and arriving shipments all contribute to an environment where priorities are constantly being re-evaluated. PharmaClik Rx was designed specifically for this environment. The Workbench can hold prescriptions in various stages of completion. This means you can begin a prescription (new or refill), stop, do something completely different (such as fill a refill for a patient over the phone), and then return to exactly where you left off.


PharmaClik Rx was designed to adapt to your dispensary environment—not vice versa.

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Business Management


PharmaClik Rx focuses on the three components of effective business management – operations, finance and marketing – to create a powerful business management tool.


The built-in calendar function manages your "To Do" list, enabling you to view tasks daily, weekly or monthly at a glance.  Learn about upcoming software updates, regulatory changes, and other day-to-day information through Workbench Messages.


Ordering, costing and inventory control components are integrated to create an effective, operational management system.  When it comes to purchasing, reconciling purchase orders using your wholesaler's electronic invoice ensures up-to-date costing and inventory, which in turn ties into reliable margin reporting and inventory valuations.


A powerful data generator offers numerous reports that can be used for all aspects of your pharmacy operation, including target marketing.  There's no better way to target specific patients for an in-store clinic or special event. 


The Long-Term Care module allows your pharmacy to service different types of facilities, such as nursing homes and group homes. Batching and scheduling functions allow you to process prescriptions overnight, without even having to be in the store.


With PharmaClik Rx managing more of the business aspects for the dispensary, you have more time to focus on your patients.

Regulatory Compliance


In an ever-changing industry, PharmaClik Rx has long been a market leader in regulatory compliance.  From the simplicity of introducing a new insurance carrier, to the complexity of offering eHealth solutions in provinces that use a Drug Information System and Electronic Health Record, rest assured that PharmaClik Rx will help you meet the necessary regulatory requirements in your province.  This has become even more crucial with the expanded scope of pharmacy practice across Canada.


When it comes to complying with regulatory changes, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive solutions to our PharmaClik Rx customers, in order to ensure that you are always kept abreast of these requirements. Simply put, PharmaClik Rx will help your pharmacy team adapt and comply with regulatory changes.

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The true power of PharmaClik Rx is its ability to reach beyond its own boundaries.


PharmaClik Rx brings a whole new meaning to efficiency. Seamless integration with automated dispensing devices and telephony features are the epitome of effective time management.   Tie in the ability to automatically process refill requests received through IVR or eFILL, as well as those created by AutoFill, and a pharmacy team member may not even have to touch a prescription until it's ready for pharmacist verification.


Complete integration between PharmaClik Rx and Point-of-Sale technology offers workflow solutions such as will-call bin management, OTC stock transfer and in-house accounts receivable posting.


Through integration, the power of PharmaClik Rx multiplies exponentially – and it's all at your fingertips.