PharmaClik POS

In today's marketplace, you increasingly rely on quality information to manage your business effectively.


PharmaClik POS provides this information by tracking and recording the sales and purchases of each product in inventory.  You always know which products are selling, and equally important, those that are not. Add to this the ability to continuously monitor margins for items at the department, category or fineline level and you have an invaluable tool to improve your store's profits. This information is available to you through PharmaClik POS's powerful reporting module, or it can be displayed on screen through sales and purchase history viewers.

PharmaClik POS's automated ordering facility takes the guesswork out of inventory control. There are three ways in which you can generate an order: replenishment based on what was sold at the till, on minimum and maximum reorder points or on historical trends.


Not only does PharmaClik POS allow you to manage your inventory, it also allows you to manage relationships with your customers. Through the Customer Editor and Loyalty programs, you can provide your customers with in-house charge accounts, special discounts, customer rewards and gifts with purchase. You can even obtain reports on your best customers to learn what they are purchasing.


You define the business rules for your operation and PharmaClik POS executes automatically. Prices are maintained in the "back office", virtually eliminating keying errors. You can even set your system to monitor transactions specific to individual operators. Your operational efficiency increases as does your loss prevention at all levels.