It's important to remember that Propel Rx is an upgrade from PharmaClik Rx. It's not new software, but rather enhanced software that's been packaged up with a new name and a fresh look. PTS took the best of PharmaClik Rx and Nexxsys (for those long haulers in the crowd) and combined them into a more streamlined software solution.

We've heard you.

There's been a lot of information shared over the past year and a half. We've shared blogs, tools, videos, webinars, the Connector and Propel Rx Insider newsletters. (If you don't get these newsletters, we highly recommend you do. They arrive bi-weekly and contain a wealth of current and important information to keep you updated. Subscribe here.) The road to your Propel Rx upgrade journey can be a fast and easy one provided you understand how you play a key role in the success of your upgrade.

We've curated the most important content you need to be aware of. If you're going to read or watch anything, we recommend these.

What to read.




What to watch.




Let's sum this up.

If you're going to read or watch anything, the six communications in this article are what we highly recommend. Naturally, we'd like you to read everything we send your way, but we understand you're busy and that caring for your customers is your number one priority. It's this reason that Propel Rx is being implemented in pharmacies across Canada. Propel Rx is the software solution that meets the needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients.



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