There’s been a lot of buzz around Propel Rx this past year. You’ve more than likely read an article (or more). You may have downloaded the eBook and possibly read the “In the Spotlight Mini-Series”. You’ve probably attended an Open Mic Webinar on Propel Rx and maybe got a chance to participate in the PTS 2021 Virtual Tradeshow. We’ve worked tirelessly to keep you in the loop about how Propel Rx will benefit your business. Without further delay, I’m thrilled to share that Propel Rx is now being installed in pharmacies across the country!


Optimistic and a little nervous

I had the opportunity to visit a local Propel Rx pilot store and I’m excited to share my experience with you. As you might imagine, the team at the pilot store were a little nervous coming into the pharmacy that morning. Although they were nervous, they were very optimistic and eager to see if Propel Rx lived up to the hype. (Spoiler alert…it did!)


The upgrade went very smoothly.


The pharmacy team were able to log in easily with their usual credentials. They jumped right into the software and were able to easily process prescriptions. They commented about how they found the eLearning helpful (and were very happy they completed their training before pilot day) and commented on how many processes felt familiar and easy to navigate, but with a new look and feel that was much more current and pleasing to the eye. They were happy to report that many of the items on their wish list were met with Propel Rx. Hearing that made me so proud!


 Some of their favourite features are:

  • The built-in provincial doctor license search, making creating a prescriber record easier than ever before.

  • The new Compliance Preparation Log report, to aid in compliance package creation and checking.

  • A new look for the auxiliary labels.

  • Being able to quickly launch multiple sessions during busy periods.


Jumping in confidently is exactly what we want all pharmacies’ experiences to be. Having a smooth transition is exactly what the team at PTS is working towards. We understand that you may have more questions, so here are a few I hear most often.


Some of the most common questions asked about the Propel Rx upgrade are:


How will we learn Propel Rx?

Learning Propel Rx is made simple with online eLearning. You’ll learn the differences between PharmaClik Rx and Propel Rx. Beginning 4 weeks prior to your upgrade day, you’ll receive communications to help you get started and guide you through the four-week journey to your pharmacy’s live day. Keep an eye out for these notifications in your inbox. Insider tip, the communications you receive will have the subject line “Countdown to Propel Rx.”

When will we receive Propel Rx?

The general rollout began in spring 2022 (with some exceptions). You'll be notified by a PTS team member a few weeks before your scheduled upgrade. 

Will a trainer be coming to my store?

Trainers will not be at stores. As Propel Rx will be rolled out to many stores over a period of months, our Customer Care team is ready and waiting to answer any questions that arise. Plus, making the time to complete the eLearning courses before the upgrade will prepare your team for day 1.


Whether you’re nervous or excited (or both), you can be certain that your upgrade to Propel Rx will be well supported by the PTS team. We’re grateful for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in us. We won’t settle for less than the best for you!

Get to know more about what learning Propel Rx looks like, read “What you need to know about learning Propel Rx” and “5 things you need to know when learning Propel Rx





A member of the Learning team since 2014, Zlata is an Rx trainer with over 15 years’ experience in the pharmacy industry. Prior to joining McKesson Canada, Zlata was a practicing Registered Pharmacy Technician at Rexall for 6 years, while also attending Western University to earn a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. When not at work, she likes to spend time with her family and friends.