Propel Rx was designed to make your life easier and with the enhancements made, we understand how eager you are to get upgraded.

Excitement has been building around what kind of training is required for Propel Rx.  Trust me, we share your excitement! You’re already PharmaClik Rx experts which will make learning Propel Rx easier than you think.

Allow me to take you on a short journey about what learning Propel Rx will look like.


Keeping you updated


Let’s quickly touch base on how consistent and informative communication will pave the way for the learning.

Getting onboarded with Propel Rx is made easy through a series of emails.

Beginning six weeks prior to your upgrade, and ending the week after the upgrade, stores will receive a weekly email containing everything they need to ensure a smooth transition and an even smoother go live day. Emails include:

  • An Activities Checklist to guide pharmacy teams through the six-week countdown
  • The first two weeks will allow owners and pharmacy managers to get their team set up for eLearning
  • Pharmacy teams will have four weeks to complete the training
  • PTS team will host weekly live “Ask Us Anything” Q&A sessions to support the learning journey

Choose your learning path


You’ll have the flexibility to design your own self-directed learning path. This will allow pharmacy team members to learn about the Propel Rx at their own pace; when it’s convenient for them.

Self-directed learning is engaging and interactive and includes:

  • eLearning
  • Videos
  • Guided demos
  • Hands-on simulations
  • Job aids
  • Live Q&A sessions

Learning for Propel Rx will be completed online, and it will be broken into short, easy to digest modules. The eLearning courses will reside on a learning management system, which is a space that manages and tracks online learning, course completion, and quiz results.


Flexible learning environment


The courses can also be completed on various devices such as: a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. The course window will adapt to that device, allowing more flexibility for the pharmacy team. A great benefit is you are in control of your learning. If you’re unable to complete a course in one sitting, worry not! Here’s what happens; it will remember where you left off, so you’re not required to start from the very beginning.

Completing the eLearning prior to being upgraded will allow you and your team to familiarize yourself with Propel Rx and be a pro on your go live day. You’re already experts with PharmaClik Rx and navigating this new platform will become second nature to you in no time! 




Baramy joined the Pharmacy Technology Solutions team in the fall of 2020, bringing with him knowledge and experience in both retail and long-term care pharmacy. He is committed to ensuring that McKesson's principles are demonstrated regularly, focusing on creating exceptional customer experiences.