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Innovative and integrated technology solutions

At McKesson Pharmacy Technology Solutions, we understand the need for speed and efficiency in a retail pharmacy environment.  That's why we embrace new technologies that offer added-value to our customers.  We offer a completely integrated suite of "best in class" products, including Propel Rx and Propel POS, which are designed to dramatically streamline your retail pharmacy operation.


Typically, dispensary and front shop have been treated as separate areas of pharmacy operation. We connect both of these key areas of your business and allow them to share information. This reduces and/or eliminates many manual processes, saving you time and reducing the possibility for errors.


Propel Rx

Our pharmacy management software handles your administrative tasks and activities to free up more time in a day, allowing you to focus on patient care. Propel Rx supports your business by automatically billing your professional service transactions, automatically processing incoming refill requests, contacting patients when prescriptions are due to be refilled, and counting out and packaging medications.


Propel POS

Our Point of Sale system is designed specifically for the pharmacy market. Completely scalable, Propel POS adapts to any retail pharmacy environment and grow with you and your business.



Our customers have access to dedicated hardware technicians in the field and our customer care team can also remotely connect to your Pharmacy Management System via DSL or modem. All our application and systems experts have pharmacy experience and are ready to support you and your staff. They not only understand how the systems are used but also how critical they are to the smooth running of your business.


We work closely with pharmacists to develop new and innovative computer-based solutions to better fulfill their vital role in the healthcare delivery process.  These solutions put you in the driver's seat and let you manage your business effortlessly while focusing on the needs of your customers.



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