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We value your feedback and have taken steps to implement many recommendations regarding the Propel Rx Upgrade eLearning courses.  These improvements will have a positive impact on your learning experience.


Training time has been condensed and reduced.

Four modules previously included in the upgrade eLearning have been condensed into one, with the courses falling into one of two sections: Required or Elective.

By taking all the Required courses, you and your team will be set up for a successful Propel Rx upgrade. Once the required courses are completed, we recommend reviewing the list of Elective courses. Take only those courses that are relevant to the specific features used in your pharmacy.


The courses have been refined.

The courses have been restructured and similar topics combined to reduce the number of courses. This reduce sthe number of similar topic introductions encountered across the different courses and ensures you're spending time learning information needed for the upgrade.


More videos provide more flexibility for learners.

Everyone has a learning style which works best for them. While some may prefer step-by-step instructions found in online help, others may thrive by watching videos and listening to the instructions. We've added more videos to the upgrade eLearning to demonstrate the various topics and scenarios. This provides a helpful recap to reinforce understanding of a topic.


Increased interaction solidifies learning.

What better way to check your understanding than by applying what you've learned? More activities and checkpoints have been added to the upgrade eLearning to confirm you are understanding the content as the courses progress.


Experience Propel Rx "hands on" before your Go Live day.

We're all eager for a sneak peek, especially when it's a look into something you will be using every day. We've added new timeslots to the Propel Rx Ask Us Anything sessions. During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to take control of the mouse and test out Propel Rx in a virtual environment led by our team of expert trainers. 

If you have a question about how to use a feature in Propel Rx, or a question about something you've encountered in eLearning, this is your opportunity to ask those questions and get answers, live and online. Prior to attending a session, be sure to download the Microsoft Teams application to take advantage of being able to interact with Propel Rx.

If you're already using Propel Rx you can increase your knowledge by signing up and asking questions.

Improvements to the upgraded eLearning have been made to support your pharmacy through the transition to Propel Rx. Get started with the new and improved Propel Rx Upgrade Foundations curriculum today.




Sabrina joined the Learning team in 2022 and brings 7 years of experience working in Retail Pharmacy. In addition, she has spent 2 years as a Customer Care agent supporting our customers using PharmaClik Rx and Propel Rx. She is eager to share her knowledge with learners so that they feel comfortable with the software and bring out its full potential, ultimately improving pharmacy workflow and allowing pharmacies the time to focus on their patients.