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Effectively manage your front shop with our flexible Point of Sale solutions.  Its clever modular approach adapts to your retail environment. Sleek, expandable and tailored. You'll quickly experience how managing your business becomes easier ith this impressive solution. 



The power of Propel POS.

Solutions tailored to what ever size business your have; today, tomorrow or years from now. You have the comfort of knowing Propel POS grows with you. 



Propel POS

Propel POS is a complete Retail Management System that allows you to effectivly manage your business. Propel POS modules are available to build and expand your system's features and tailored to your business needs. As your expertise grows, POS functionality can expand to meet your needs.


Not a one size fits all solution

Choose from Propel POS MultiStore, Self-Checkout, POS Mobile Mini and Mobile Deliveries & Deliveries + Mobile, along with add-on modules such as Scientific Purchasing. The ability to grow with Propel POS is what sets this solution apart from the rest.



Propel POS is flexible, sophisticated and integrated.

A modular approach that easily tailors powerful POS features to suit your unique business needs.




POS Mobile Mini

POS Deliveries

Integrated Solutions

Payment Solutions



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Enabling your growth. 





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Smart pharmacy owners know that integrated technology solutions are paramount in a fast changing environment. Click on the tiles below and discover how your pharmacy will benefit from Propel POS. 






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