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In a world where technology is constantly evolving, pharmacies can’t afford to be left behind. We understand the challenge of dealing with outdated software.

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Scott Coulter Testimonial

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PTS provides solutions that streamline your operations. Get ready to experience the benefits and features of Propel Rx.

From enhanced features to improved performance, the upgrade to Propel Rx is certain to elevate your day-to-day operations.




Propel Rx is paving the way for innovation in healthcare with its Minor Ailments module and soon-to-be-released Cloud Fax module. These enhancements will streamline processes and improve patient care.



Say goodbye to juggling tasks and hello to seamless multitasking. Elevate your workflow and provide top-notch patient care means you can run three workbenches simultaneously. No more frantic dashes between stations!



Time is money, and we're saving you both with enhancements to batch processing time. Compared to PharmaClik Rx, we've cut processing time, boosting productivity like never before.