At McKesson Canada, Pharmacy Technology Solutions (PTS) believes in empowering pharmacies with solutions that meet the changing needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients. 

Over the last 45 years, PTS (and its predecessor ProPharm) has partnered with pharmacy teams across Canada to deliver superior software solutions accompanied with professional training, rapid field support and exceptional customer care. Combining our expertise and yours enables us to build and deliver solutions that enhance day-to-day pharmacy operations. It's this combination of expertise that ignited the new development of Propel Rx.


Propel Rx is smart, flexible and dependable. See it in action!

We've combined the power of Nexxsys and PharmaClik Rx into one pharmacy software solution that is designed to save you valuable time for what matters most, the care of your patients.



Discover what your peers have to say about their experience with Propel Rx in these newly released case studies.



Explore how this pharmacy improved accuracy by 80 percent and cut paper usage in half.


Read about the outstanding results this pharmacy experienced when they upgraded to Propel Rx.


Learn about why this pharmacy believed in and trusted PTS to deliver outstanding support and commitment to excellence.




Get to know a few key features of Propel Rx.

PTS will continues to invest in software and other technology that focuses on retail partners, like you. Learn more about Propel Rx by clicking on the icons below. 



Screen Resolution 

Decimal Dispensing

Workbench Redesign



Inventory & Narcotics

Automated Dispensing

Multiple Sessions

Patient Dashboard




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Smart pharmacy owners know that integrated technology solutions are paramount in a fast changing environment. Click on each tile and discover how your pharmacy will benefit from Propel Rx.







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