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Front Store Management Made Easy.

The modular approach of Propel POS provides greater flexibility to support your business as it grows with modules including accounts receivable, customer loyalty, deliveries, self check-out, and purchasing & receiving, plus a whole lot more. Easily tailor powerful POS features to suit your unique business needs.

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The Power of Propel POS

Delivery module, self-checkout integration, and propel POS Mobile Mini are must-have options to help your business thrive. Propel POS can be tailored to whatever size business you have; today, tomorrow or years from now. You have the comfort of knowing Propel POS grows with you.


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Propel POS

Propel POS is a complete Retail Management System that allows you to effectively manage your business. Propel POS modules are available to build and expand your system's features and tailored to your business needs. As your expertise grows, POS functionality can expand to meet your needs.

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Propel POS Lite

This elegant product provides an economical and scaled down solution for smaller pharmacies that want better cash and customer management tools without the need for full inventory control.


Simplify operations with Propel POS integrations.

A modular approach that easily tailors powerful point-of-sale features to suit your unique business needs.


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POS Mobile Mini

POS Deliveries

Integrated Solutions

Payment Solutions


  • Quickly control retail prices and margins including the ability to maintain standardized pricing within product lines.
  • Reduce labour costs by implementing streamlined procedures for ordering, receiving and promotions.
  • Make informed business decisions with visibility into product movement and sales history.
  • Drive customer retention by effortlessly maintaining customer charge accounts and implementing loyalty programs.
  • Manage prescription pick-up and sales thanks to Propel Rx integration.
  • Fully integrated with Propel Rx for prescription scanning, inventory, stock control, and much more.
  • Get seen! Professional in-store signage, price labels, and shelf talkers are easy with Propel POS.
  • Take POS with you using the convenience of the POS Mobile Mini, a hand-held wireless POS device.


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Pharmacy owners know that integrated technology solutions are paramount in a fast changing environment. Click on the image and discover how your pharmacy will benefit from Propel POS.



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The Propel POS Mobile Mini: The right tool for the job

For employees on the retail floor, there is a never-ending list of tasks to be accomplished. Whether those tasks involve inventory management, promotions, pricing or ordering, one thing is clear: having the right tools to do the job is crucial.

Resembling a standard smartphone and loaded with features, Propel POS Mobile Mini gives your employees key retail-floor POS features in the palm of their hand.

Small and powerful, Propel POS Mobile Mini is built for daily use in your pharmacy.



Propel POS deliveries provides a safe and secure way to support your patients.

More than ever, the safety and security of your team and that of your customers is what's important. Best of all, the delivery app integrates seamlessly with Propel POS.

Improve customer loyalty and retention.

Providing an easy to use delivery system is no longer an option, it's a necessity. Be the reason your customers choose you over other retail pharmacies.

Powered by your POS Mobile Mini.

The Propel POS Deliveries and Propel POS Deliveries + Mobile maximizes your return on investment on your POS Mobile Mini device.



The Integrated Pharmacy

Typically, dispensary and front shop have been treated as separate areas of the pharmacy operation. The Integrated Pharmacy connects both of these key areas of your business and allows them to share information. This reduces and/or eliminates many manual processes, saving you time and reducing the possibility of errors.

Workflow solutions

Complete integration between Propel Rx and Propel POS offers workflow solutions such as will-call bin management, OTC stock transfer and in-house accounts receivable posting.



Payment Solutions: Improve efficiency, reduce errors

In collaboration with McKesson Canada Retail Banner Services and TD, discover the integrated credit and debit solution.

This clever solution offers a significant reduction in processing fees for credit and debit transactions.

-An integrated credit and debit solution reduces errors due to duplicate entries on a separate credit and debit device.

-It improves efficiency by eliminating the need to reconcile reports from your POS system and credit debit machine at the end of day.

-The Ingenico IPP320 pinpad which dramatically improves transaction processing speed, benchmarked at approximately two seconds.