Sunsets. The time of the evening when the sun disappears and daylight fades.

The memory of watching a sunset often brings a smile to your face and instantly lends good thoughts.


Sunsetting. The time when a product is phased out.

The concept of sunsetting may be new for some. Sunsetting is no different than the notion of sunsets, where the sun fades away. As we continue to prepare for the launch of Propel Rx, some features of PharmaClik Rx will be sunset to make way for new streamlined and enhanced features.  Features that will save you time for what matters most, your customers. Some features you won’t even miss.


Keeping you informed.

Experience a worry-free upgrade process. With our proactive and dedicated team by your side, you'll be notified in advance about any changes to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Comunications that have been shared so far contained infformation about:

  • Sunsetting activities - Please review.
  • Laser label designs - Read the email to confirm if action has been taken.
  • Storage of credit card information - Pharmacies were informed how the storage of credit card information is not recommended in PharmaClik Rx and will not be supported with Propel Rx.  Click here to learn more.



Contact PTSCustomerCare@McKesson.ca for any questions relating to these sunsetting items.



Robin resides in Moncton, NB where she has had several different roles in her almost 39 years, from Trainer, to Regional Manager, and now leads our Learning Team.  She continues to be dedicated to ensuring our customers are our number one priority. She has served on many working groups over the years to improve pharmacy, such as the implementation of Claims Adjudication, Drug Information Systems, PrescribeIT® and many more.