Fast, safe, and easy.  Having a delivery app is more important today than it probably ever was. What better way to keep you, your team, and your customers safe by enabling customers to order their prescriptions (and other items) from the comfort of their home.


How does it work?

The Propel POS Deliveries application:

  • Leverages the store’s existing POS Mobile Mini device and integrates seamlessly with Propel POS to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the delivery process.
  • Allows you to effortlessly track orders from the moment they are taken to the time they are delivered, and payment is received.


Integrated and simple to use

The Propel POS Deliveries app integrates with Google Maps® allowing the delivery driver to easily plot delivery destinations and leverage the turn-by-turn driving direction presented by Google Maps®. Delivery destinations are marked with a pin-drop on the map to establish the desired route to be taken by the delivery driver. A pin-drop can then be selected to start the delivery route.  This eliminates the need to use an additional navigation device to guide the driver in reaching delivery destinations.

Developed with you in mind, the Deliveries app is intuitive and easy to use, reducing the user’s learning curve.  This will allow you to start using the app on day one.


Quick and easy

Using the delivery app, delivery drivers can quickly view orders, map their routes, and capture customer signatures.  This streamlined, easy-to-use tracking system will simplify deliveries, saving time and money.

  • Using your Propel POS till, scan the items you would like to deliver to the customer.
  • Select the appropriate customer and choose the desired method of payment.
  • When the transaction is complete, a receipt with a scannable barcode is printed.
  • The delivery driver signs into the Deliveries app on the POS Mobile Mini.
  • Upon arrival at the customer’s location, select the order for the delivery list or scan the receipt using the built-in barcode scanner on the device.
  • Ask the customer to sign for the delivery, using the POS Mobile Mini.
  • When the driver completes the delivery and returns to the pharmacy, the app automatically syncs with Propel POS.

The Propel POS Deliveries app allows you to effortlessly track orders from the moment they are taken to the time they are delivered, and payment is received. Several reports are available and can be generated at the end of each day to ensure accuracy, allowing the store manager to review pending and missed deliveries.  Transaction records are also updated, including an image of the signature captured when the delivery was received by the customer.

Providing a delivery service improves your safety and the safety of your customers. Be the reason your customers select you as the pharmacy they trust most.


Bio Image of jimmy EnriquesABOUT THE AUTHOR

Jimmy has over twenty-three years of experience in the Pharmacy Retail environment leveraging an extensive background in Business Analysis, Product Management, and Pragmatic Marketing. Jimmy has been a valued member of the PTS POS team for 23 years and is currently an MBA Candidate in Entrepreneurial Management.