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Store-to-Store VPN: Because Business Continuity Matters.

Designed specifically for owners of multiple pharmacies, Store-to-Store VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides the flexibility to operate your business from any location in your network.


Boost productivity with Store-Store VPN

This clever solution provides peace of mind when it comes to business continuity and overall operations management: run reports, fill prescriptions, and care for your patients without the limitation of geography to get in your way.



  • Secure connection into your business network: access any computer at any location, or from within the same location.

  • Remote printing at any location in your network, from any location.

  • Implement an efficient Auto Refill program across your network by allocating prescription processing to lower volume locations.

  • Central accounting system access.

  • Funnel prescription overflow to another location during down times.



  • Convenience. Access prescription and front-shop data from any pharmacy in your network, reducing the need to travel between locations.

  • Security. Protect sensitive patient and payment data while accessing critical business information.

  • Business Continuity. Continue to care for your patients and operate critical business functions in the face of disaster or an unplanned incident.

  • Teamwork. Maximize operations and reduce downtime by sharing resources between stores - a team member can work virtually at one store while being present at another store.

  • Revenue Opportunity. Perform virtual medication reviews or other types of virtual counselling and patient care services on behalf of the busier locations.




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