Charitable collections can give your business a sense of purpose. It can strengthen connection to community and build morale for your team and for customers. 


Helping those in need

Offering your customers the option to make charitable donations can boost a company's image at truly little cost to the business. Although donations may be smaller than direct donations to a charity, even small contributions can make an enormous difference to local charitable organizations. It is important to note that your charitable efforts should support the causes your customers care about. By doing so, you may increase donations and gain customer trust and respect, building stronger customer loyalty.


Make it easy to donate

Point of Sale fundraising has become widespread in retail and consumers are accustomed to being offered the opportunity to donate at the end of their transactions.

Those inclined to give, will readily add a donation to their purchases. With the Holiday season quickly approaching, take the opportunity to use Point of Sale to offer customers the opportunity to easily donate to local charities.


How it works - Propel POS Donations Editor

The Donations Editor can be found in the Associates menu of Propel POS will help you to manage the collection and reporting of funds donated to a single or multiple charitable causes. Donations are setup very much like promotions, with beginning and end dates for easy activation.

Once activated, donation events automatically prompt the cashier to ask the customer if they would like to
donate to any of the displayed charities. Customers are offered the opportunity to donate a “default value” of $1 or $2, a “custom value” determined by the customer or options to “round-up” to the nearest dollar, five dollars or ten dollars.

All donations will be associated with a Donation Event, showing dates, transaction numbers and donation values. In addition, full reporting is available per charitable event, allowing you to see the total amounts donated at any given time. Donations also appear on your end of day Cash report generated by Transaction Log viewer. 

We hope this article has inspired you to participate in Donation collections using Propel POS. The PTS Customer Care team is always available for questions and to provide additional information. If you need more guidance, our Training team can provide additional training to meet your learning needs.

Learn how to use the Propel POS Donations Editor and start giving today.