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With so many beneficial features in Propel POS, I’d like to share with you my five favorites that make the day-to-day task of running a business so much easier.


The POS Mobile Mini is a must have!

The POS Mobile Mini is by far my favourite feature of Propel POS.  It’s a handy little device that you can use on the sales floor to complete the never-ending list of front shop tasks. With the Mobile Mini, you can be on the sales floor to do price changes, add items to a promo, set your min/max reorder values, create a purchase order and even do inventory counts.

The POS Mobile Mini is a timesaver as you don’t have to do any of these features at a computer. It will help increase your margins through improved management of inventory and pricing too.


Propel POS fully integrates with PharmaClik Rx and Propel Rx.

Rx/POS integration allows for real time communication between the Rx and POS software.  The three components to this are:

  • Prescription scanning. Each time a prescription is filled, information is passed from the Rx software to Propel POS. Prescriptions scanned at the Propel POS till automatically register the amount due for payment and the prescription number. In turn, Propel POS sends a message back to the Rx software indicating that the prescription has been picked-up by the patient. This allows Propel Rx or PharmaClik Rx to track and report which prescriptions have been picked up and which are remaining in the store.

  • OTC Transfer allows the front shop inventory to be transferred into dispensary inventory when a front shop item is used for a prescription.  Propel POS transfers full packages to Propel Rx or PharmaClik Rx inventory, allowing for real-time inventory management in both systems.

  • A/R Integration provides real-time Propel Rx or Propel Rx Accounts Receivables posting to Propel POS when filling prescriptions; the cash portion of a prescription can be automatically billed to a patient’s POS charge account. This saves you from having to manually scan the prescriptions at the till and charge it to the account.


Integrated debit/credit pin pads at the till make life simple.

Having integrated pin pads helps increase the speed and efficiency at the checkout and it also eliminates keying errors at the till.  It is easy to use at the till, as there is only one key to debit and credit.  The till will determine the type of payment for you, so no more putting a debit under a credit. This will also make it easier to balance the till at the end of the night.


Use Replenishment Ordering to order only what you need.

The Replenishment ordering module is another one of my favorites. It’s especially useful for stores that are not keeping track of their front shop inventory or for a store just starting with POS.  You will be able to generate an order based on what was sold at the till within a date range. This saves time from walking around the store to determine what was sold. This also ensures that you are only re-ordering items that you need.


If you have two to four stores, POS MultiStore is a great solution to manage your locations from any site.

Reduce redundant data entry and ensure consistency across your locations with a shared product file, inventory quantities and promotions. Your customers that have charge accounts will be able to make charges at any location to one account. Also, if you have a loyalty program, points can be earned and redeemed at any location.


There you have it, my top 5 favorite features in Propel POS.  These are only a few of the many options that Propel POS has to offer.  What are your favourites? 

If you would like more information on these features, please contact our Sales team at ptssales@mckesson.ca.



With over 24 years of experience in the Retail Pharmacy Industry, Terri has extensive knowledge of Front Store operations. Terri spent seven years at a corporate pharmacy where she began as a cashier, moved to Front Store Supervisor and then managed a pharmacy. She has been with the PTS Learning team since 2004, delivering training and consultation sessions on POS.