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Are you ready to experience a sneak peek into the incredible world of Propel POS? Say hello to Propel POS Lite – your exclusive gateway to getting a taste of what our full-featured Propel POS has to offer.

Whether you own a small pharmacy, an explorer of a new POS system, or a forward-thinking business owner, Propel POS Lite is here to provide you with a remarkable preview of the boundless potential that awaits you.


Why Propel POS Lite?

Explore Point-of-Sale system essentials. Dive into the core functionalities that make Propel POS an industry leader in Point-of-Sale software. With its streamlined user interface to powerful tools, Propel POS Lite brings you a curated selection of features that ensures you can run your front shop business from day one.

Effortless Learning. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive layout, Propel POS Lite allows your store team to quickly grasp the basics in no time; significantly reducing the learning curve of running front shop operations. Even if you’re new to Propel POS Lite, you’ll find yourself navigating like a pro from the moment you start using your Point-of-Sale system.

Seamless Transition. Love what you see in Propel POS Lite? When you are ready to expand your business operation you are just a step away from using the full potential of Propel POS. With our ‘foot in the door’ approach, upgrading to Propel POS is smoother than ever.


Propel POS Lite was created with customer-facing experience in mind.

We understand that every journey begins with a single step. Propel POS Lite is that first step: an introduction to endless innovation and productivity that our full-featured Propel POS brings. From a small pharmacy business, we invite you to start small and dream big with Propel POS Lite.


Transactions and Customer Management are top priorities.  Features and functions include:

  • Two systems running the till application, including self-checkout (product add-on).

  • Integration with Propel Rx - Prescriptions filled using Propel Rx are automatically sent to Propel POS Lite where the prescription barcode can be scanned at the till. Once processed, a pickup status flag is sent back to Propel Rx to complete the transaction.

  • Product Management - This is where you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments and entries regarding the products you offered in your pharmacy.

  • Price Management - Allows you to modify product pricing in your pharmacy.

  • Promo Management - A feature that allows you to create in-store promo or participate in banner promotion programs.

  • Gift Cards (Add-on Module) - Propel POS Lite integrates with Givex in creating a banner-specific store-branded gift card program, as well as the Blackhawk Network, who supports third party gift card sales

  • Integrated Payment Solution (Add-on Module) - Supports an integrated pinpad solution eliminating the need for a stand-alone credit and debit terminal.

  • Accounts Receivable - Do you offer credit to your customers? POS Lite easily creates and manages customer accounts from point of purchase to sending month-end statements to your customer.

  • Customer Loyalty - Offering a loyalty program is a proven method to retain and have repeat customers. Propel POS Lite includes a customer loyalty program that you can start implementing from the time you pharmacy opens.

  • Signs and Labels - Print various label types and formats to support the pharmacy's pricing strategy.

  • Dashboard - An intuitive Dashboard that provides a graphical representation of the KPIs you defined.

  • Deliveries (Add-on Module) - This feature further supports customers and enhances their experience by providing a seamless and integrated delivery program.


Propel POS Lite is powerful enough to satisfy the daily business operation needs of your smaller pharmacy front shop without the need for full inventory control. 

With Propel POS Lite, you can process transactions, generate reports, provide a customer loyalty program, integrate with Propel Rx, generate a variety of store labels, integrate with an integrated credit and debit solution, and support gift cards. That's what we call a powerful POS Lite solution.


Ready to expand your pharmacy business operations?

Propel POS Lite is the perfect choice for smaller pharmacies looking for a cost-effective solution that can grow as their business grows. As you navigate through Propel POS Lite, you’ll uncover the vast potential and understand why thousands of pharmacies in Canada and elsewhere choose Propel POS as their Point-Of-Sale solution.

Don’t just peek through the door, step in and explore the tremendous opportunities Propel POS Lite can offer. 



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Jimmy has over twenty-three years of experience in the Pharmacy Retail environment leveraging an extensive background in Business Analysis, Product Management, and Pragmatic Marketing. Jimmy has been a valued member of the PTS POS team for 23 years and is currently an MBA Candidate in Entrepreneurial Management.