Propel POS Self-Checkout was designed from the ground up following two years of research and development in collaboration with industry leaders. The mandate was to build a self-service solution that was affordable, reliable, easy to use, and appealing to customers. Quick and user-friendly, Propel POS Self-Checkout makes the last touchpoint in a pharmacy a pleasant one. Despite the benefits and growing consumer demands, there are some misconceptions that we would like to clear up. Let's debunk the myths and educate ourselves on the truth behind self-checkout.


If you have a small store with one staff checkout and one or two cashiers, the addition of a self-checkout allows you to offer your customer the convenience of a second lane without adding to labour costs. It also has a much smaller footprint than a traditional checkout and will fit nicely into a small space.


Customer who may not attempt to scan a large cart of groceries at the self-checkout, wouldn't hesitate to self-checkout with a small basket of health and beauty care items - especially with a shelf to rest the basket.


Customer resistance to self-checkouts has often occured when retailers forced customers to serve themselve. This isn't optimal service. On the other hand, not giving customers the choice detracts from the customers experince. 


Placement of the self-checkout is an important factor in preventing theft and providing good service. We recommend placing self-checkouts near the staffed checkouts, where they are in full view and easily accessed when assistance is required.


Simple, intuitive, and with clear concise audio-visual instructions, Propel POS Self-Checkout makes it easy by enabling the customer to easily scan and pay. We excluded the bag scale that's often cited as a annoyance by customer who dislike the command to "place the item in the bag" or worse, being told to remove the unrecognized item and wait for assistance. By limiting friction and interaction with the screen, check-out time is minimized.


PTS strongly believes in the value of self-checkouts. Not to replace cashiers, but to offer customers the choice to check-out how they prefer. Shorter lines, always available, faster throughout, and more productive use of labour.


There are many reasons to choose self-checkout. Discover yours by booking a meeting with one of our sales representatives.





Glen joined Pharmacy Technology Solutions in June 2018 with 35+ years of experience in front shop operations and retail systems.  Glen is passionate about technology and how it can be used to optimize the customer experience and improve organizational efficiency.  In his spare time, Glen likes to engage in activities that promote health and wellness.