The main difference between a myth and a fact is that a fact can be proved while a myth cannot. With that in mind, here are five Propel Rx myths (and facts) so you can improve your understanding of the Wave 1 Propel Rx roll-out.


Let's get started...

Exception! There are a handful of stores with outdated hardware that can't support the new software (e.g. PCs that dont support the newest version of .Net, PCs that are still running Windows 7). In those cases, PTS has contacted (and will continue to contact) store owners directly about purchasing hardware. These stores are the exception and not the rule.
Good to know! Self directed learning allows owners and pharmacy teams to learn at their own pace and at locations that are convenient for them. All learners are also invited to attend free weekly "Ask us Anything" sessions that are live and online every Wednesday at 3pm EST.  Ask questions and get answers on anything Propel Rx related. Invites to these session can be found in the 6 week journey emails. Be sure to ask your  store's Propel Rx Ambassdor about it!
Important! Make sure that you are familiar with this communication sent out in the Insider. It's your opportunity to be introduced to your Deployment Coordinator and get to know a bit about the 6 week countdown and what that will look like.
Don't be left out! Join the Insider community and never miss anything about Propel Rx. Everyone on your team is encouraged to subscribe. 
BONUS!  Understand the Propel Rx roll-out by watching the "Propel Rx: What to Expect and When" webinar. It's time well spent.


There you have it, five Propel Rx myths debunked. Remember, the main difference between a myth and a fact is that a fact can be proved while a myth cannot. 

Any other myths you need clarity on? Send an email to our Sales Team anytime






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