Smart, flexible, and dependable. That's the power of Propel Rx.

Today we have the technology to do things we couldn’t do in the past.  All the enhancements made have been developed with you in mind, to support your patients and to enable your pharmacy’s growth.


Propel Rx is not your ordinary upgrade.

Anticipate features that save you time, enhance your workflow capabilities and simplify your pricing.


Features that provide:

-Enhanced screen resolution, no matter what screen size you’re looking at.

-Accuracy in inventory, labels, and pricing, right down to the decimal point.

-Organized and adaptable dashboard that’s focused on keeping important information up front and visible.

-Enhanced performance that frees up time for you to provide valuable patient care.

-Precise control over narcotics with decimal quantities for improved accuracy.

-Integrated automated dispensing that both reduces steps and saves time.

-A simple and easy to use patient dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of your patient’s information.

-The flexibility to multi-task using multiple instances.


To improve is to change.

Your pharmacy team will be more than prepared for this upgrade. You’re already an expert with PharmaClik Rx, which means learning Propel Rx will be easy.

Your team will be supported every step of the way with:

-Access to eLearning.

-Supportive videos and online help.

-Guided demos and hands on simulation.

-Live Q&A sessions.


What you need to know about the upgrade.

-The upgrade is mandatory. PharmaClik Rx and Nexxsys will be completely phased out.

-All existing preferences will be maintained on upgrade.

-You will be provided training ahead of time, ensuring ample opportunity for the entire pharmacy team to be prepared.

-PTS has been, and will continue to be, communicating with you and your team to make sure everyone is kept up to date and understands what is happening.

-All Rx team members should be signed up for our emails to ensure everyone stays in the loop.


We understand that saying goodbye to PharmaClik Rx may be hard for some. After a day with Propel Rx, you'll wnder how you did without it. When the time comes for your pharmacy to be upgraded, our team will ensure that you and your team are fully prepared and trained on how to use Propel Rx.


Upgrading, while mandatory, is easier that you think, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.



Diana joined PTS in fall of 2020 as their Product Marketing Specialist. Diana’s passionate about how storytelling and messaging create value-add, business changing content. She enjoys collaborating with her team to achieve results. When Diana’s not busy writing, she’s exploring the local forest trails near her home north of Toronto, Ontario.