In a world full of changes, the one thing we can all agree on is that time is at a premium. So getting back more time in the pharmacy is a key to success.


What is the Retail Learning Academy?

The Retail Learning Academy is an on-line learning platform that offers courses and recorded webinars for PTS offerings.  Online learning (eLearning) provides a convenient way to access learning where you want and when you want.

  • New team members can learn about both pharmacy and front store software on their own, before they start working.
  • Existing team members can take a refresher or learn about new functionality at the time it’s needed, at their pace.
  • Reporting can be generated by owners or managers to ensure learning is completed.
  • Certificates awarded at the end of completed learning.

Using the Retail Learning Academy eLearning courses leads to increased employee retention and reduces time and labour often associated with scheduling and delivering training. The time saved can be used to focus on customers.


“The Retail Learning Academy has been a great tool for me as an owner, particularly for staff training. It has helped me streamline the onboarding of new staff to ensure that they have the required training through a user-friendly platform.”

Shahzil Mohamed, Pharmacist & Owner, Remedy'sRx Global Drug Mart 


How do I gain access to the Retail Learning Academy?

When your pharmacy moves from PharmaClik Rx to Propel Rx, you’ll be provided information on how to access and complete courses.


Where can I find more information?

We’d be happy to provide more information. Please contact us at ptslearning@mckesson.ca 

Save time and become an expert with quick and convenient access to the Retail Learning Academy.




Shanmugapriya has nearly 8 years of experience designing and developing instruction for a variety of learners and program needs. Her continuous interest in the rapidly changing technology and learning trends enables her to deliver a learning experience that meets both the learner's needs and business objectives. Shan is always experimenting with new ways to make learning fun and engaging for the learners.