As the world moves to a digital footprint, pharmacy is no exception. Here are the top three benefits of implementing digital workflow in your pharmacy and reducing paper.

1. Cost Savings

Printing, storing, and managing paper documents can be costly. Electronic records are securely stored reducing the need for physical storage. In addition, it will also reduce consumable cost of toners, etc.

2. Improved Efficiency

Digital workflow streamlines operations by assigning each prescription a ready time and enhances flexibility with mobile devices. Perform technical validation, clinical review, and documentation anywhere within the pharmacy or even remotely.

2. Enhanced Accuracy

Paper-based systems are prone to misplaced files. By implementing digital workflow, electronic records are easily retrievable and reduces misinterpretation of critical information. UPCs are validated and stored for each dispensed prescription with the option to also include lot number and expiry date.

If you’re thinking about implementing digital workflow and reducing paper, contact us! We can discuss your current needs and provide suggestions on how to move towards a digital footprint.



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