The growing demand for a POS Deliveries App continues to accelerate. Pharmacy owners are being challenged to expand services to their customers by offering home delivery and have been faced with the additional challenge of managing delivery operations.  In response to this need and the overarching concern for consumer safety, proudly introducing Propel POS Deliveries and Deliveries + Mobile. 


How does it work?

  • The Propel POS Deliveries and the Propel POS Deliveries + Mobile App leverages the store’s existing Propel POS Mobile Mini device and integrates seamlessly with PharmaClik POS to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the delivery process.
  • It allows you to effortlessly track orders from the moment they are taken to the time they are delivered, and payment is received.


The top three reasons your pharmacy needs the Propel POS Mobile Delivery app:


Competitiveness by offering a delivery service to your customers

In today’s market, attracting customers to purchase products in your store has been challenging.  You can no longer count on in-store traffic as the primary source of generating sales.  In addition, customers anticipate add-on services to be offered by merchants to support safety and convenience. 

Offering a delivery service that integrates with your Propel POS system fills that need and  provides your business with a competitive advantage over other pharmacies who do not offer a similar service.


Customer Loyalty & Retention

The rising trend in delivery services shows a proportional increase in customer loyalty and retention.  A positive experience from the point of purchase to delivery at the door encourages the customer to purchase from the same merchant numerous times.


Improve store operations through an accurate and efficient system

One of the key advantages of using the Propel POS Deliveries and Propel Deliveries + Mobile App  with your POS system is its integration.  Delivery transactions are initiated using your till.  Once processed, the delivery transaction information is sent directly to the Propel POS Mobile Mini. The delivery driver can then use the Propel POS Mobile Mini as the primary tool for delivering the products to the customer.  Upon the driver’s return, it will synchronize with the POS system updating both transaction records and inventory.

The Propel POS Deliveries and Propel POS Deliveries + Mobile App makes it easy for Pharmacy owners to expand services and provide consumer safety. Using the mobile app, you see how this streamlined, easy-to-use tracking system will simplify deliveries, saving time and money.


Bio - Jimmy Enriquez


Bio Image of jimmy EnriquesABOUT THE AUTHOR

Jimmy has over twenty-three years of experience in the Pharmacy Retail environment leveraging an extensive background in Business Analysis, Product Management, and Pragmatic Marketing. Jimmy has been a valued member of the PTS POS team for 23 years and is currently an MBA Candidate in Entrepreneurial Management.