As a pharmacy technology solutions provider, our role is to provide pharmacy owners with products and services that meet their needs, now, and into the future. 

As each Propel Rx store is upgraded, we ask pharmacy owners and their teams: “What features are you enjoying most?”. 

This article contains the top 3 trending Propel Rx features (so far).


Multiple Instances.

I know you’ve heard us talk about it and maybe even already read an article about it. However, it’s overwhelming the number of stores that are enjoying the ability to have more than one instance open in Propel Rx. Everyone is using it!



A Streamlined workbench allows for centralizing prescriptions in Data Entry especially with the addition of PrescribeIT presecriptions. We've also heard separating Retail and Compliance queues is making prioritizing easier.



Documenting dialogue, whether you’re using digital workflow or not, can be accomplished digitally in Propel Rx. Pharmacy team members are enjoying how dialogue writes back to an area in Propel Rx called Clinical History. This allows for a single location to review discussions with the patient as well as add or review clinical notes.


As the Propel Rx rollout continues, we'll share more trends. Why are we focusing on trends? Well, it works. PTS uses information gathered from our most trusted source, our customers, to innovate and evolve our products and services. You are the heart of PTS, and we continuously strive to provide you with the best solutions on the market.



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