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"Good" may be good enough for some, but we want more than that.

At Pharmacy Technology Solutions, uncompromising quality paired with outstanding service is our passion, and our mission is to enable the growth of Canadian pharmacies. Over the last 45 years, Pharmacy Technology Solutions has partnered with pharmacy teams across Canada to deliver powerful software solutions that are the heart of pharmacy operations. It's this partnership that allows us to explore and develop new and innovate solutions. 


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White glove support is our specialty. We pride ourselves by providing exceptional trainers, rapid field support and exceptional customer care.

We attract the best talent and keep them close. Our trainers, technicians and customer support teams are all a part of the well rounded team that make up Pharmacy Technology Solutions. It's this approach to support that allows us to offer the highest level of care to our customers. 


Inspired by growth, meet the Propel family of solutions.

Grow your business and positively impact patient care. We believe in providing software solutions that are capable of excellent performance and reliability.


Protecting You. Protecting your business.



The move toward digital interactions between patients and healthcare providers took off at unprecedented speeds. Increased online activity leads to increased vulnerability when it comes to protecting health and payment data.

Our comprehensive Business Continuity solutions are designed to keep your business running safely with minimal interruptions, so you can focus on what's important - caring for your patients.


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