What if I told you that your workday is about to get better?


Well it is. We’ve been working on an amazing platform and are thrilled to be close to the finish line. We have a few things in store for you with our new Pharmacy Management Software: Propel Rx.


Fresh and sleek design  |  Multiple Instance  |  Enhanced workflow capabilities  |  Automated dispensing made easy  |  Simplified pricing


It’s been over 20 years and definitely time for a face-lift. With a soft colour palette that’s easier on the eyes, it’ll make working on a screen all day that much more pleasant.


Worth the wait.

How many times have you wished that you had the ability to open up another session of PharmaClik Rx? Picture it, you are deep in the middle of working on something and a doctor calls to review a patient’s medication record, you need to open up that profile but don’t want to lose where you are – well, I’m happy to say that now you will have that ability. Something well worth waiting for.


Manage your day, your way.

Intuitive workflow has arrived. You can now have the work pushed to you rather than pull in what you need to work on. Is someone sick or have a relief pharmacist on – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, just select the queues you want to work with and voila – easily manage the day.


Save time.

For all you ADI (Automated Dispensing Interface) users out there, you’ll be happy to know that the end of double entry is here. We’ve cut out that middleman and brought all the work right into Propel Rx. No more checking or wondering if everything made it over. Time can be better spent on other things.


Easier to understand.

Have you ever looked at the Pricing and Variable Pricing tables and asked yourself “what does all this mean?” You’re not alone. We think the new design of the pricing screens will help you make sense of it all by making it easier to understand and add pricing rules.

You can count on Propel Rx to deliver smart, flexible and dependable features like these… plus a whole lot more.



Bio image of Carla Colombi


Carla has been part of the PTS family for over 20 years and has held many roles. Carla enjoys collaborating with customers most; to understand their needs and from that build a great product to make the lives of our pharmacists and technicians easier. She is focused on ensuring the success of the Propel Rx upgrade.