You want your business to run smoothly. You want to feel at ease knowing where everything is and that it’s easily accessible.  Propel Rx was designed to help you run your business smarter, faster, and more efficiently so you can spend your time providing the excellent level of care to your customers that you pride yourself on.

Propel Rx offers solutions and delivers new functionality to meet those needs. Discover the five surprising (and helpful) things about Propel Rx you may not have known.


“I want to save on toner and access faxes from any workstation in the pharmacy.”

Propel Rx has an integrated fax tile allowing access to faxes from any workstation and can seamlessly add faxes into workflow without the need to print.


“I want to save time and duplication when sending prescriptions to a packager (e.g. PACMED, VBM, etc...)"

What's currently known as ADI (or the Auto-Dispensing Interface) is brought into Propel Rx which eliminates duplication, increases efficiency, and saves time. You will also get the added bonus of configuring the packager's workflow to meet the needs of your business.  


“I forget to check the PrescribeIT® tab for incoming transactions and sometimes the patient is waiting in the store before I see them.”

PrescribeIT® prescriptions now appear in the Data Entry queue on the Workbench, eliminating multiple places to check for incoming prescriptions.


“I want to access multiple patient folders at once.”

Propel Rx can have up to 3 instances open at once. This will allow multiple patients, drug files or prescriptions to be worked on. 


“I use digital workflow and would like to document dialogue within the application.”

Dialogue can now be entered within Propel Rx and will update the patient’s Clinical History. This will allow dialogue to be tracked in one location for continuity of care.


This is only just the beginning. You’ve asked and we listened. Lots of exciting things are happening with the launch of Propel Rx. You’ll quickly experience why Propel Rx is the pharmacy software upgrade you’ve been waiting for.




Bio Image Robin SweetingABOUT THE AUTHOR

Robin brings 20+ years of experience in community pharmacy from both a corporate and independent setting. She's passionate about patient care and believes that investing in clientele and building relationships leads to patient retention and overall customer satisfaction. In Robin’s spare time, you’ll find her renovating her home and tending to her gardens. With any luck, the peonies she planted last fall will bloom!