Propel Rx meets the changing needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients

Propel Rx delivers software that can help you fill prescriptions faster and streamline your process for better results. With its sleek new interface, faster claim adjudication, enhanced dashboard, multiple instances, and narcotic reconciliation module; you'll quickly understand why Propel Rx is the Rx solution that everyone is talking about.


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Improve efficiency, accuracy, and offer patient-focused services with Propel Rx integrations. 

Designed to integrate with other solutions including Propel POS, McKesson Automation, McKesson Central Pharmacy Services, PrescribeIT®, Vigilance Santé, Digital Workflow, Medication Review, Remote Medication Review, Minor Ailments, Claim Revenue Optimization*, and IVR.


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Propel Rx delivers on form and function.

  • Adaptable to each pharmacy’s needs, the Workbench can be customized to specific workflows.
  • Eliminate the need to scan hard copies and increase accuracy using Digital Workflow.
  • Streamline inventory management with the Inventory Reconciliation module.
  • Integrated medication review eliminates redundancy and increases revenue opportunities.
  • Claim Revenue Optimization analyzes claims prior to adjudication, ensuring revenue is maximized.
  • Get the flexibility you need to stay mobile in the pharmacy with iPad integration.
  • Maximize efficiency and accuracy with seamless integration with McKesson Automation, McKesson, Central Pharmacy Services, PrescribeIT®, Vigilance Santé, and much more.
  • Fully integrated with Propel POS. Experience the benefits that 2-way communication provides.



Read these case studies to discover firsthand success stories from peers, whose implementation of Propel Rx has taken their pharmacy business to new heights.  


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Explore how this pharmacy improved accuracy by 80 percent and cut paper usage in half.

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Read about the outstanding results this pharmacy experienced when they upgraded to Propel Rx.

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Case study image for upgrading your pharmacy to integrate with community


Learn about how time-consuming, paper-based pharmacy processes were inproved in order to keep up with the demands of this growing pharmacy.

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