EVault and Cybersecurity are not interchangeable and do not offer the same protection, but together, they provide the stability and safety your business and customers deserve.

If you choose to have EVault backup solutions (which safely secures your data in the Cloud), you can rest assured that if a disaster should occur like a flood, fire or theft, your data can be downloaded and restored within hours. But before you get too comfortable, let's take a closer look at the word theft. That's an interesting word as its definition has been evolving over the years. TThere's physical theft and then there's cyber theft (which continues to be on the rise).


Let's play out some scenarios.

You have EVault back-up but didn't feel the need to invest in Cybersecurity. One day, a staff member receives an email from what appears to be a legitimate source and they open the email. Congratulations! You have now fallen victim to ransomware. The hacker encrypted all of your files and demands you pay a ransom. While a copy of your data is safely stored in the Cloud, another copy is in the hands of the hacker. What do you do? Do you pay to get your data back? What do you tell your patents? How do you know your information hasn't already been sold or shared with others? The possibilities are endless, and the outcomes are never good.


Sound dreary? It doesn't have to be.

Investing in Cybersecurity intercepts malicious attacks on your business and ultimately, your patients. Imagine that your pharmacy can't operate because of a cyber attack. Your customers could lose confidence and shop elsewhere.


You value cybersecurity and recognize its importance, but opted out of EVault backup solutions.

You recently took over the store and you have too much on the go right now. You'll get around to it when you have some spare time. (We know, you're chuckling right now. There's no such thing as a pharmacy having spare time.) You're so busy with the new store that you haven't heard about the string of robberies in the surrounding towns. In walks a customer, wearing a mask, but it's not a COVID mask - it's a robbery. In addition to the narcotics, you're demanded to hand over computers, which these days, are about 7" sq. and about 2.5lbs - easy target. The server is gone and the workstations won't function without the server. What do you do? You know you'll never see that server again. How are you going to refill prescriptions or look up a patient record? Everything is gone without a trace. A nightmare indeed.


EVault backup solutions. It's the spare key to your business.

While it doesn't ease the pain of having been robbed or been a victim to natural disasters, you can take a great deal of comfort in knowing that PTS Business Continuity solutions will have you covered.

EVault and Cybersecurity protect your business from different angles and in different scenarios - they are not interchangeable. Each plays a role and both are equally important to running a business where patient information is safe and secure.

To learn more about these solutions and how they can help your business (or to enroll), please contact your Sales Representative.




Lesley joined PTS in 2018 and brings 30 years of pharmacy experience to the McKesson family. When Lesley isn’t striving to make stores more efficient and profitable, you can find her challenging herself during her workouts. Lesley is never one to sit still!