Remote Access: Because Business Continuity Matters.

No matter where you or your team members are located, Remote Access can help your team provide patients with the continuous care to keep them safe and healthy.


Do your team members need to work from home?

You and your team members may need the ability to work from a remote location. That could be from home or, in the case of multi-store owners, from one of your other locations.



  • Secure connection into your pharmacy's network.

  • Work from home or alternate locations by configuring as many devices as required for Remote Access, such as a laptop and a tablet (there is a one-time activation cost per device for each remote access location).

  • Access your data from PharmaClik Rx, Propel Rx and/or Propel POS when you're not in the store.

  • Includes the ability to conduct remote medication reviews, in provinces where Propel Rx \ PharmaClik Rx Medication Review is available.



  • Deal with emergencies, or troubleshoot and resolve issues when you're not in the store.

  • Get double duty out of your laptops by using them as extra Propel Rx or PharmaClik Rx workstations in the store (e.g. for the counselling room), then take them home when needed for remote work.

  • With less workplace distractions, remote team members can focus on work that doesn't require them to be present in the pharmacy, helping with overall productivity during this unprecedented busy time.

  • Knowing you can easily check in provides peace of mind when you're away from the pharmacy.




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