Propel Rx delivers software that can help you fill prescriptions faster and streamline your process for better results. With its sleek new interface, digital workflow, faster claim adjudication, enhanced dashboard, multiple instances, narcotic reconciliation module and much more, you'll quickly understand why Propel Rx is the Rx solution that everyone is talking about.


Understanding your upgrade

We're here to make the transition to Propel Rx as smooth as possible, starting with helping you understand your pharmacy's upgrade to Propel Rx.  The Propel Rx Insiderthe PTS Connector, the Road to Propel Rx webinar and interactive Ask Us Anything sessions have all been designed to support you and your team along the way. Take some time to explore each of these tools and share them with your team members.


When to expect Propel Rx in your province

Currently in rollout - British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario

This is the foundation of Propel Rx and is available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. There will be some stores in these provinces that have integration with external vendor partners that that will be identified during their assessment with the PTS Deployment team. Continue reading to learn more about how this may impact your store.

Newly launched - Newfoundland and Labrador

The expansion of Propel Rx is currently underway for Newfoundland and Labrador. Next will be the remainder of the Atlantic Provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.


When it's time to upgrade, your store will complete as assessment with the PTS Deployment team. The purpose of the assessment will determine when your store will be scheduled for the upgrade.


Stores that have any of the integrations below will be scheduled based on their individual needs.

1. Integration with an eMAR vendor (Electronic Medication Administration Record)

2. Integration with Amjay Software Solutions for services like Easy Refill, Central Profile, MethaMeasure, and others

3. Integration with Access Point by Pharmacy Access Solutions for services like Smoking Cessation, Injection Administration, and others

4. Stores that require Chinese instructions



It's an upgrade and your knowledge of PharmaClik Rx is an asset!

Have asked yourself, “Hmm, do I have to upgrade to Propel Rx? I’m pretty comfortable with PharmaClik Rx.” The answer is simple: YES! Propel Rx is an upgrade from PharmaClik Rx, just like other upgrades in the past. This time, the difference is that we're upgrading the platform, making Propel Rx more user friendly and rebranding all our products and services. Propel Rx is a step forward in the growth of your business.



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Carla has been part of the PTS family for over 20 years and has held many roles. Carla enjoys collaborating with customers most; to understand their needs and from that build a great product to make the lives of our pharmacists and technicians easier. She is focused on ensuring the success of the Propel Rx upgrade.