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Congratulations on joining the PrescribeIT® team.

PrescribeIT® is a national e-prescribing service that provides safer and more efficient medication management by connecting prescribers to pharmacies, enabling digital transmission of prescription.

Prescribers enabled with PrescribeIT® have the ability to send electronic prescriptions directly from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to the patient's pharmacy of choice. Pharmacies enabled with PrescribeIT® are able to receive and process these electronic prescriptions allowing for more effective workflow management and patient compliance.



As part of your onboarding, it is important for your entire team to complete the eLearning modules found in our Retail Learning Academy.  It takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete all modules. You’ll have the flexibility to take the eLearning courses all at once, or individually. (See below for additional resources for the Retail Learning Academy).

If you are an existing PharmaClik Rx or Propel Rx User, you can access our eLearning courses and Online Help using the links below.




In Prince Edward Island, some features such as sending Authorization Requests and Clinician Communications through PrescribeIT® are not available due to EMR limitations. When a feature is not available, you will see an error if you attempt to use it. This is expected and will not affect your ability to process prescriptions. Refer to this job aid for more information on PrescribeIT® integration in Prince Edward Island.

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Additional PrescribeIT® Resources.

For existing users with PTS Portal access, please take a moment to visit McKesson Canada Portal - PrescribeIT to learn more about PrescribeIT®, watch related videos, read related articles, read FAQs and more.

If you are not a PTS customer,  please contact to learn more about Propel Rx.


Additional Retail Learning Academy Resources.

Looking for the Retail Learning Academy start page, FAQ's, or the brochure that tells you all about it? These quick links will take you to where you want to go.

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Accessing the Retail Learning Academy.

Your references for how to login, change your password, and understanding your access.


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Every user's login for the Retail Learning Academy is their email address.


On the login screen for the Retail Learning Academy, there's a "Forgot Password" link.


If you're unsure if you have access, send an email to

Please include: First &last name, email address, store name, SAP#, or PID.



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