The road to your Propel Rx upgrade journey can be a fast and easy one provided you understand how you play a key role in your upgrade.

We’ve curated the most important content you need to save you time. If you’re going to read or watch anything… these are the key resources you’ll need.


What to read.


What to experience.

The Road to Propel Rx webainr gives you exactly what you need to know about the Propel Rx upgrade. This is te BEST 30 minutes you’ll ever spend. In fact, if you don’t look at or read anything else… this is the video to watch!

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What to watch.

The Propel Rx demo. The perfect way to see what Propel Rx looks and feels like.


What to take advantage of.

When you go to a live and online Ask us Anything session, you'll get the opportunity to use Propel Rx. PTS Trainers hand over the controls to you allowing you to explore Propel Rx first hand all from the comfort of your favourite chair. Whether you already have Propel Rx or are about to get it, the Ask Us Anything sessions were designed for you.

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