Excitement has been building around the training required for Propel Rx. Trust me, we share your excitement! You’re already a PharmaClik Rx expert which will make learning Propel Rx easier than you think.

Allow me to walk you through what the learning journey leading up to Propel Rx will look like.


Keeping you updated

Getting ready for your upgrade to Propel Rx is made easy through a series of weekly countdown emails beginning four weeks prior to your upgrade, and ending just over a week after the upgrade. These weekly emails contain everything you need to ensure a smooth transition and an even smoother go live day. Remember to check your junk in case these emails end up there!

Enclosed in these emails is a toolkit containing all the critical information and a checklist that will keep you and your pharmacy team on task with the activities required during the four-week countdown.


Your eLearning journey

Your team will have four weeks to complete eLearning. With the help of the Retail Learning Academy (RLA), your pharmacy team will be able to learn about Propel Rx at their own pace, when it's convenient for them. Keep an eye out for your "Prepare for Propel Rx" email that outlines your four week journey. You'll also receive an additional email that will contain an RLA enrolment key, where you and your team can then view the assigned curriculum and enroll.

Self-directed learning is engaging and interactive and includes:

1. eLearning

2. Guided demos

3. Hands-on simulations


Flexible learning environment

The eLearning courses can be completed on various devices like a laptop, tablet, or a desktop computer. The course window will adapt to your chosen device, allowing more flexibility for your pharmacy team. If you’re unable to complete a course in one sitting, don't worry, it will remember where you left off, so you’re not required to start from the very beginning.

Completing the eLearning prior to being upgraded is mandatory and will ensure that you and your team are familiar with Propel Rx on your Go Live day. You’re already experts with PharmaClik Rx and navigating this new platform will become second nature to you in no time!

The PTS Learning Team hosts weekly live online "Ask us Anything" Q&A sessions. Get a chance to experience Propel Rx with an expert trainer to guide you the along the way. The sessions are designed to support your learning journey and are free to attend for as many times as you need. Drop in for 10 minutes to ask a question or stay for the hour. It's up to you.




A member of the Learning Team since 2014, Zlata is curently the Learning Manager and has over 20 years of experience in the pharmacy industry. Prior to joining McKesson Canada, Zlata was a practicing Registered Pharmacy Technician at Rexall for 6 years, while also attending Western University to earn her bachelor of Health Sciences degree.

Zlata is passionate about learning and believes it is a lifelong process. She believes that investing in learning leads to increased autonomy and ultimately more time to spend with patients.